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Genesis The Blue Castle

Weave: Plain, GSM: 320 - 340 g/m², 33% ecru Egyptian cotton, 35% royal blue Egyptian cotton, 10% natural hemp, 22% natural tussah silk,  335 gr/m2
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size 4 - 290€, size 4 long*- 300€, size 5 - 320€, size 6 - 350€

* size 4 long is second quality, it has a very light cosmetic flaw

This is a heavy-weight wrap woven with 2 wefts: royal blue Egyptian cotton yarn and blended natural hemp / tussah silk yarn with ivory shade. Despite its weight and thickness, the wrap is floppy and moldable. It needs short breaking in period. The wrap is quite soft right from the bag, but washing and using will make it even more soft and cushy. It is suitable for all ages, but I would recommend this wrap for the wrappers experienced in handling thicker wraps. The wrap will be gentle for your shoulders, cushy for newborns and supportive for toddlers, and the beautiful ivory shimmer of the hemp/silk yarn will give the wrap a luxury appeal.
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Plain 320 - 340 g/m²
Out of stock