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Starlight Splang

Weave: Raspberry, GSM: 380 - 400 g/m², 40% Egyptian cotton, 28% tussah silk, 14% milk, 14% mint, 3% seaweed, 380 gr/m2, raspberry weave
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size 7 - 510€, size 6 - 480€, size 5 - 450€, size 4 - 420€

Navy and cold blue tussah with big slubs and nubs on ecru. A unique combination of innovative fibers for an exceptional babywearing experience. Woven in our signature raspberry weave, the wrap is supportive with good grip but will break in easily. The wrap is heavy in hand, but will feel very gentle on your body. Whoever you carry in this wrap will feel weightless. 

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Raspberry 380 - 400 g/m²
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Phases Yori

Weave: Raspberry, GSM: 320 - 340 g/m², 40% Egyptian cotton, 30% Japanese silk, 20% mulberry silk, 10% seaweed, 320 gr/m2, raspberry weave
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40% Egyptian cotton, 30% Japanese silk, 20% mulberry silk, 10% seaweed, 320 gr/m2, raspberry weave

size 6 - 550€, size 4 - 450€, size 3 - 400€, scarf (200x35 cm) - 150€

size 6 long * - 570€ (second grade, skipped thread on the cotton side), size 5* - 450€ (second grade, two skipped threads on the cotton side)

The beauty of Phases Nori with raspberry weave, heavier weight and denser quality. The moons are somewhat larger as well. The luxurious blend of Genesis Ai. Just the best of them all.

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Raspberry 320 - 340 g/m²
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Cobra Oxblood

Weave: Plain, GSM: 260 - 280 g/m², 48% ecru Egyptian cotton, 52% oxblood royal baby alpaca, 260 gr/m2
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This is a medium-heavyweight wrap. It is soft even unwashed and will get even more soft after washing. The wrap is easy to warp with and is suitable for all levels of experience. It is soft and gentle even for the bare skin of the newborns, and will provide a great support for the toddlers. 

No itch guaranteed!

Alpacas have been bred in South America for thousands of years. Vicugnas were first domesticated and bred into alpacas by the ancient tribes of the Andean highlands of Peru, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. Two thousand-year-old Paracas textiles are thought to include alpaca fiber. Also known as “The Fiber of the Gods”, Alpaca was used to make clothing for royalty (wikipepdia).

The best alaca yarn is known as royal baby alpaca. This yarn rivals cashmere for softness and silk for smooth feeling and subtle sheen. The royal baby alpaca is lighter than wool and is much warmer. It has kept the people of the Andean highlands warm for thousands of years. This yarn is also stronger than wool and is naturally water resistant. Items made from royal baby alpaca will last for years with minimum care. The royal baby alpaca yarn is made from the finest, carefully selected fibers. It is free from the coars fibers which give the prickly sensation and can be worn against bare skin.

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Plain 260 - 280 g/m²
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