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Flowerstone No Rain No Flowers

Weave: Triweave, GSM: 280 - 300 g/m², 50% spun mulberry silk, 50% Egyptian cotton, 290 gr/m2, triweave
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size 7 - 320€, size 6 - 300€, size 5 - 280€

Colorplay of blues and greys in a combination of Egyptian cotton and beautiful, shiny mulberry silk. This wrap has a luxurious feel and eye-catching look. This wrap shines even without sun. Mulberry silk is tender to the touch with beautiful drape. The wrap will already show off it's drape and softness after a first wash, no breaking-in will be needed. It is light in hand and has a subtle, but very usefull grip to keep your wrapjob perfectly in place. Suitable for newborns and toddlers.

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Triweave 280 - 300 g/m²
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Genesis Graff Pink

Weave: Triweave, GSM: 320 - 340 g/m², 38% fuchsia-pink Egyptian cotton, 40% white falmes mulberry silk, 13% fuchsia bourette silk, 9% pink Egyptian cotton, 330 gr/m2 triweave
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size 4 - 480€, size 4 long - 490€, size 6 long - 580€, scarf 185x34 cm - 130€

This is luxury worth a queen.

NB. The size of the pattern is a bit biger than the medium scale.

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Triweave 320 - 340 g/m²
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