• remove Size: 7 second grade
  • remove GSM: 220 - 240 g/m²
  • remove Weave: Plain

Genesis Cranberries

Weave: Plain, GSM: 220 - 240 g/m², 57% Egyptian cotton, 39% tencel, 4% kapok, in purple and coral, 235 gr/m2
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size 7 - 185€, size 6 - 175€, size 5 - 165, size 4 - 155, size 3 - 145€

size 5* - 155€, size 7* - 175

* - weaving falw: a skipped thread on some places in the length. 

Cranberries is a light and soft wrap straight out of the bag. It is a machine washable blend, easy in care and use. It has a silky feel and shine.The wrap needs a short breaking in period. It will be easy to handle for wrappers of all experience levels. The wrap is suitable for most ages.

Tencel is a fiber produced from the wood pulp via an advance closed loop solvent spinning process. This process has a minimal impact on the invoronment and uses water and energy economically. Frabrics produced from tencel is light, soft, strong even when wet and absorbent. The tencel yarn used in the Genesis Cranberries is blended with kapok.

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Plain 220 - 240 g/m²
Out of stock