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  • remove Size: ring sling, 190 cm short rail
  • remove GSM: 320 - 340 g/m²

Moons To the Moon and Back

Weave: Cloudberry, GSM: 320 - 340 g/m², 100% Egyptian cotton, 320 gr/m2, cloudberry weave
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size 7 - 310€, size 6 - 290€, size 5 - 270€, size 4 - 250€, size 3 - 230€, ring sling (gathered shoulder, 210 cm short rail, silver rings) - 230€

We are excited to introduce to you our new pattern and new weave at once. Our Moons pattern has been inspired by the cycle of the moon.

Cloudberry weave is our new signature weaving technique originating from the multiple layers weaves. And now hold your breath... our cloudberry weave is an variation of the triple cloth! Sounds unique, doesn't it? Not one, not two, but three layers. It is unique in looks and feel.

We have named this technique "cloudberry" in order to reflect its qualities. The material indeed feels soft and cloudy. It is an airy, soft, forgiving and supportive wrap.

Moons To the Moon and Back is a versatile, all-round wrap suitable for all occasions. It is easy in care and use and is machine washable. 

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Cloudberry 320 - 340 g/m²
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Divergence Whispering Woods

Weave: Triweave, GSM: 320 - 340 g/m², 79% fuchsia-pink and navy Egyptian cotton, 21% natural bourette silk, 330 gr/m2, triweave
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size 7 - 350€, size 6 - 330€, size 4 - 290€
size 5* - 250€, size 4* - 210€, size 3* - 190€
* - weaving flaw - missing warp thread across most of the length. The flaw is moderately visible (not very much visible in action) but does not have impact on the safety of the wrap.
scrap 1 (125x80) - 82€
scrap 2 (90/110x80) - 66€
scrap 3 (45x80) - 29€
scrap 4 (set of 3 pieces 30/14x80, two of 15/1x80) - 20€

Rich and saturated color play with a mysterious undertone. The wrap is moderately soft right from the bag and will turn into a soft and butterly wraping cloud after a short breaking in period. Bourette silk is pleasant to the touch and has a gentle grip. The wrap is suitable for most ages and for wrappers experienced in handling heavier wraps.

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Triweave 320 - 340 g/m²
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