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Phases Under the Sun

Weave: Raspberry, GSM: 300 - 320 g/m², 30% mulberry silk, 69% egyptian cotton, 1% glitter, 300 gr/m2, raspberry weave  
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size 7 - 280€, size 6 - 260€, size 6 short - 250€, size 5 - 240€, size 4 - 220€, scarf 180x34 cm - 70€

Dark blue with multicolor glitter with sandy shiny silk. Luxurious feel with an eye-catching look. This wrap shines even without sun. Mulberry silk is tender to the touch with beautiful drape. No breaking in needed. Phases Under the Sun is suitable for newborns and toddlers.

NB. this release has a minor visual irregularity in the length on the yellow side, 10 cm from the rail. It is visible only under a certain angle and will get even less visible with wash and wear. The price has been already adjusted in regard to this irregularity.
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Raspberry 300 - 320 g/m²
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Phases Saorsa

Weave: Raspberry, GSM: 320 - 340 g/m², 45% Egyptian cotton, 35% tussah silk, 10% Supima cotton, 10% seaweed, 320 gr/m2, raspberry weave
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size 7 - 490€, size 6 - 460€, size 5 long - 440€, size 5 - 430€, size 5 short * - 400€, size 4 - 400€, size 3 - 370€, ring sling (gatehred shoulder, silver rings, 200 cm short rail) - 330€

Grey colored tussah silk with big nubs and slubs in black, white and various shades of grey. The wrap needs a moderate breaking in period. It will be a fluffy, cushy, soft wrap with textured tussah silk which is supportive with good amount of grip. Supima cotton, one of the best long stapled cottons in the world, blended with seaweed adds extra softness and lush to the wrap

NB. This batch has a small variation in color. Some wraps will have a slightly lighter color of grey. There is no shade variation within the wraps themselves.

* - second grade, skipped thread on the ecru side

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Raspberry 320 - 340 g/m²
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