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  • remove Size: ring sling 225 stih
  • remove Size: scarf 155 x 35
  • remove Size: 4 prewashed, gently used

Phases Noriko

Weave: Raspberry, GSM: 280 - 300 g/m², 45% Egyptian cotton, 11% Supima cotton, 33% Japanese silk, 11% seaweed, 295 gr/m2, raspberry weave
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size 7 - 490€, size 6 - 460€, size 5 - 430€, size 5 short - 420€, size 4 - 400€, size 3 - 390€

Ice blue Japanese silk with melange confetti on ecru. The wrap is soft from the bag and will need minimum breaking in after the first wash. It will adjust to your body as your second skin while being gentle and supportive with perfect glide and grip. Supima cotton and seaweed add extra lush and softness.

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Raspberry 280 - 300 g/m²
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Whenua Manawa

Weave: Triweave, GSM: 300 - 320 g/m², 44% black Egyptian cotton, 36% purple merino wool, 20% black cashmere, 310 gr/m2, triweave
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Manawa Whenua (mah-nah-wah) means heart and minerals in soil in the Maori language. Perfect combination of the merino wool and cashmere for ultimate softness and cush. It's a great, easy to handle wrap suitable for all ages and experience levels.
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Triweave 300 - 320 g/m²
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Angel Wing Victor

Weave: Plain, GSM: 280 - 300 g/m², 50% ecru Egyptian cotton, 50% true red linen, 295 gr/m2
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This is a heavy-weight wrap. It is a bestly wrap and requires an extensive breakin in period. The wrap is not suitable for babies under 5 months, but is great for older babies and will provide an excellent support for toddlers. The wrap is suitable for all experinece levels, except for the very first time wrappers. This is a strong,
supportive wrap and forgiving wrap. 
This wrap has the big Angel Wing pattern. This is a mini-release. 
1 x size 7 short, 5,10 meter after wash - 230 eur
1 x size 6 - 220 eur
1 x ring sling, 220 cm stih before wash - 185 eur
1 x ring sling, 205 cm stih before wash - 180 eur
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Plain 280 - 300 g/m²
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