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  • remove Size: scarf 240 x 35 second grade
  • remove Weave: Triweave

Casanova feat. Woman in Love

Weave: Triweave, GSM: 300 - 320 g/m², 44% black Egyptian cotton, 36% hot pink merino, 7% charcoal cashmere, 7% charcoal merino wool, 6% charcoal mulberry silk, 310 gr/m2, triweave
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He will give you it all! Soft from the bag, rather light in hand and gentle on your shoulders. The wrap is easy to handle, suitable for most ages and experience levels. It will not be itchy for most people not oversensitive to wool fibers. Handwash, dry flat and let him take the burden off your shoulders!

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Triweave 300 - 320 g/m²
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