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Genesis Ice Fantasy

Weave: Triweave, GSM: 340 - 360 g/m², 54% merino wool, 23% mint, 23% pearls, 340 gr/m2, triweave
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size 6 - 480€, size 5 - 450€, scarf 220x34cm - 130€, scarf 240x34cm - 150€

Bright ice blue on shiny white. Woven in our classic triweave technique, this wrap is strong and supportive but will break in easily. The blend of merino, mint and pearls is unique and innovative. The wrap feels warm and cozy to the touch, yet cool and fresh - a truly unique sensation. The precious protein inriched nano-pearls from the pearl yarn are transfered directly on to the skin. The mint yarn has antibacterial and anti-inflamattory properties.

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Triweave 340 - 360 g/m²
Out of stock