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Genesis Love Potion

Weave: Blackberry, GSM: 360 - 380 g/m², 84% Egyptian cotton, 14% merino wool, 2% cashmere, 360 gr/m2, blackberry weave
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size 7 - 350€, size 6 - 330€, size 5 - 310€, size 4 - 290€, ring sling (XL rings, gathered shoulder) - 250€, scarf 260x30 cm - 105€, scarf 180x30cm - 80€

Hot pink and teal blue. Bright and saturated. Woven in our signature blackberry weave, this wrap magically combines softness and floppiness with volume without being too overwhelming. This wrap is suitable for babies and toddlers.

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Blackberry 360 - 380 g/m²
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Genesis Cherry

Weave: Blackberry, GSM: 380 - 400 g/m², 60% Egyptian cotton, 40% recycled cashmere, 390 gr/m2, blackberry weave
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Dark cherry and black. Heavy weight wrap in our innovatie signature blackberry weave. This is a unique weave which allows wraps with a higher GSM to stay soft and have a pleasant drape without being bulky. The wrap requires a short breaking in period. It has a great support and weight distribution. Heavy toddlers will feel weightless. The recycled cashmere yarn is fluffy and slightly textured due to the uneven structure. Genesis Cherry is thick, cozy and gentle - perfect for warm snuggles and dreaming away. 

NB: the recycled cashmere yarn is made from the older cashmere yarns and batches from previous years. The yarn which normally would have been wasted has been saved by the manufacturer and processed into the new yarn.

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Blackberry 380 - 400 g/m²
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