Genesis Timeless Navy

80% Egyptian cotton, 20% ramie, 290 gr/m2, triweave

Genesis Timeless Navy is woven in our classic triweave technique. This is an all around, versatile weave which is suitable for all ages and experience levels. Our Egyptian cotton is a high quality, long staple cotton. Ramie is a natural plant yarn.

* Ring Sling*

Gathered shoulder, silver rings, 200-210 cm short rail.

* Ramie *

Ramie is a flowering plant of the nettle family and is known as “China grass”. It comes from East Asia and has been used in China for over 5 centuries as a textile fiber, long before cotton has been introduced into the Far East. Ramie fibers are naturally white and do not need bleaching. Ramie is a lot more absorbent than cotton and textiles containing ramie yarn are very much suitable for warm and humid weather. Ramie yarn is resistant to bacteria and mildew. It has natural stain resisting ability which makes the removal of stains and dirt from ramie easier than from cotton. On top of that ramie yarn is strong with lustrous silky appearance.

* Stocking schedule *

Timeless collection will be restocked regularly. Sizes which are not currently in stock may be requested via e-mail. 

These options are currently in stock

Size Price
2 180,00 €
3 200,00 €
4 220,00 €
5 240,00 €
6 260,00 €
7 280,00 €
8 300,00 €
ring sling 190,00 €

260,00 €

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