Moons Pretty Pale Pink

39% Egyptian cotton, 26% tussah silk, 16% mulberry silk, 11% cupro, 8% maize (corn), 300 gr/m2, cloudberry weave

size 7 - 470€, size 6 - 440€, size 5 long - 420€, size 5 - 410€, size 4 long - 390€, size 4 - 380€, size 3 long - 360, size 3 - 350€, ring sling (silver rings, gathered shoulder, 200-210 cm short rail) - 320€

Pretty Pale Pink tussah silk on ecru. Woven in our signature cloudberry weave this wrap feels as a marshmallow cloud in hand and on the body. Corn yarn is a modern environment-friendly yarn which is similar to cotton in appearance, but has a more silky feel. It is breathable, has good flame resistance. The corn yarn itself has a good crimp resistance and retains its shape fast. This results in a pleasant spongy effect in the wrap. Cupro yarn is shinier and softer version of cotton. With all these luxury and innovative fiber, this wrap is a must try for everyone who enjoys discovering new wrapping sensations

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Size Price
ring sling, second grade 380,00 €

440,00 €

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