Genesis Sunkissed

100% linen, 290 gr/m2, raspberry weave

A sunkissed grad of yellow, orange and purple. No cotton, just pure linen in our signature raspberry weave. A wrap with a mighty support, gentle but iron strong grip which stays in place no matter what. Linen is a beloved fiber for warm weather - airy, cooling, light. This wrap is a summer perfection for hours and hours of babywearing. Raspberry weave adds extra cush and softness to the crispy and spongy linen.

We can go on describing how special this wrap is and how amazing ts wrapping qualities are, but no words can describe its true uniqueness. One must just give it a try. The wrap does require a moderate breaking in period - it's a 100% pure linen after all. However, a proper steam iron when the material is still damp after the wash will help you on the way. The wrap is machine washable at 40 degrees Celsius and we recommend a maximum of 800 rotations to prevent permanent linen crease in the wrap.

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