Fern Simple Chic

56% Egyptian cotton, 26% royal baby alpaca, 18% bourette silk, 305 gr/m2, cloudberry weave

size 7 - 420€, size 6 - 390€, size 5 - 360€, size 4 - 330€, ring sling - 260€, scarf, 250x33 - 115€

Chic looking Fern in a combination of black, gray and natural. Royal baby alpaca yarn is softer, lighter and stronger than cashmere or sheep wool. It consists of long-lasting lustrous fibers that are stain, odor, flame and wrinkle resistant. The fiber contains no lanolin (the oil found in sheep wool), making it hold less dust, allergens and bacteria. A combination of silk and alpaca works very well together, feels extremely soft, has a subtle drape and feels comfortable against your skin. This wrap will be lovely with all ages. Easy to wrap with and no effort needed to break in.

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