Genesis LIttle Red Riding Hood

35% Egyptian cotton, 50% cashmere, 14% merino wool, 1% glitter, 380 gr/mw, blackberry weave

size 7 - 410€, size 6 - 380€, size 5 long - 360€, size 5 - 350€, ring sling (XL rings) - 260€, scarf 230x30cm - 110€

Little Red Riding Hood grew up. Bordeaux melange, red and glitter. Woven in our signature blackberry weave, this wrap is a magical cloud of volume and softness. Crafted from the best and softest cashmere on the market, this wrap speaks comfort and luxury. If you are an experienced babywearer with a young baby, you will enjoy the softness of this cozy blankety wrap. If you have a bigger baby or toddler, you will appreciate many hours of babyweaing in this supportive and forgiving cloud.

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Size Price
scarf 230x30 cm 110,00 €

380,00 €

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