Moons Changing Shapes

35% bourette silk, 15% spun silk, 50% Egyptian cotton, 300 gr/m2, cloudberry weave

size 6 - 300€, size 5 short - 270€, size 4 - 260€, ring sling (rings color matte silver, gathered shoulder 210 short rail) - 230€

These Moons are an absolute delight to wear. They are easy to combine with every outfit, suitable in all weather circumstances and soft from the start. There is no breaking in needed, this wrap has an imediate great, floppy feel and wears as a cloud - from newborn to toddler. Supportive and forgiving, easy to wrap with. Fine grip and a pleasant, spongy feel. Heavier in hand but not bulky or too thick. This wrap allows you to feel comfortable and look luxurious any time.

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