Fern Mont Blanc

30% silk, 65% egyptian cotton, 5% polyamide, 390 gr/m2, blackberry weave
size 7 - 430€, size 6 - 400€, size 5 - 370€, size 4 - 340€, size 3 - 310€, size 2 - 280€, ring sling - 280€, scarf 230x34cm - 130€

One day I have received a message from a Solnce fan asking about the possibility of creating a Fern pattern in the blackberry weave. My first idea was that it might be nearly impossible to recreate all the shades of the Fern pattern in a blackberry weave, which has originally been designed to be a weave for only two shades. But we at Solnce just love some weaving challenge!

After may weeks of thinking and testing, we have finally reached the goal - we have mastered many shades of the Fern pattern in the blackberry weave.

Here it is - Fern Mont Blanc, the first fern release in our signature blackberry weave. Snow white silk and cotton yarn in the boucle quality paired with blue and navy. Silky to the touch, floppy and soft from the start. Suitable for all, even for younger babies.

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Size Price
scarf 230 x 35 cm 130,00 €

400,00 €

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