Rules for wearing your baby safely

  • Wear your baby vertically. This is the most safe and ergonomic position for the healthy baby.
  • Wrap the sling tight enough so that you do not need your hands to support the baby. If you have to use your hands to support the baby, it means that the wrap is not tight enough. In a loose sling a baby can slump down and this can cause hinder to breathing.
  • Do not cover baby's face and head with the material. You should be able to see the face of the baby when glancing down.
  • You should be able to kiss your baby's head or forhead by tipping your head forward.
  • A baby should never be curled so that the chin is forced onto their chest. Make sure you can place at least two fingers between the baby's chin and chest.
  • Do not dress your baby too wram. The sling is a replacement of one layer of clothing. Cover baby's head when it is cold and provide extra warmth for the legs and feet, because they are not covered by the sling. Use protection for the baby's head from sun in the summer.
  • Do not drive a car or ride a bycicle with your baby in the sling. Do not use a sling as a replacement for the car seat or bycicle seat.
  • Inspect your sling before using for tear or damage. If there is a sign of tear or damage, stop using the wrap and report the issue to Solnce.