Fern Faux Fur

55% merino wool bouclé pluche, 10% shiny viscose, 5% polyester, 30% egyptian cotton, 400 gr/m2, blackberry weave
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Bronze and gold on black. We continually put effort into developing woven wraps which stand out with their weaves and textures. We have integrated a unique bouclè pluche yarn from merino wool together with shiny viscose into a our signature blackberry weave. This creation is for the true lovers of the thicker wraps and our blackberry weave. Extraordinary texture of this wrap is eye catching while the feel of the texture is like nothing you have felt before. The wrap is quite voluminous - be ready! But once wrapped, it feels tamed, and your baby will be weightless. 
Handwash at 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees F). Keep the temperature constant, also while rinsing. Dry flat. It is possible to hang the wrap to dry further once it is about 60% dry. 
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