Cobra with baby camel

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48% ecru Egyptian cotton, 52% pink baby camel, 265 gr/m2

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Plain 260 - 280 g/m²

This is a medium-weight wrap. The wrap is rather soft from the start and will get even softer after couple of washing cylcles and a short breaking in period. The wrap is easy to wrap with and is suitable for all experience levels. It is suitable for newborns and will provide a great support for the toddlers. The baby camel yarn is very durable and has a good grip.

No itch guaranteed!

The yarn comes from the warm undercoat from the two-humped Bactrian baby camels. This type of camel lives mainly in the inner Mongolia, Kazakhstan, and Afghanistan. They are tended by nomadic herders. In the winter the Bactrian camels grow a thick warm coat to protect themselves from the cold. In spring they naturally shed their soft under hair which is collected by the herders. 

The baby camel hair has a structire similar to cashmere. It makes a lightweight, super soft yarn with thermal regulation.

260 - 280 g/m²
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