Genesis Moonshine 14
  • Genesis Moonshine 14

Genesis Moonlight 14

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46% ecru Egyptian cotton, 12% midnight navy Egyptian cotton, 12% midnight navy pith paper, 31% white ramie; 310 gr/m2, triweave

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Triweave 300 - 320 g/m²

The wrap is solid and blankety after the first wash and requires a moderate breaking in period. It is suitable for wrappers experienced in handling heavy weight wraps. Once broken in, it will be suitable for younger babies as well as toddlers. This is a great wrap for the coming warm season. It contains highly absorbent materials which are easy to wash and easy to care for. It will be your grab and go wrap for all your beach, forest, mountain trips and any other outdoor activities.

! Machine washable !

NB. The wraps might fall a little short after wash, but will regain their usual length after some use.

* Pith paper *

Pith paper is made from the spongy pith of the branches of a small tree Tetrapanax papyriferum which grows in Taiwan. In fact the pith paper has nothing to do with paper as we know it in our modern use. Pith paper has been used in China for several centuries as a base for water color paintings. Nowadays the pith paper yarn is used for making surgical outfits, toys and artificial flowers and occasionally as a base for paintings. The yarn from pith paper is a very strong and durable, resistant to time and wear. It is also very absorbent and is very much suitable for warm climates.

* Ramie *

Ramie is a flowering plant of the nettle family and is known as “China grass”. It comes from East Asia and has been used in China for over 5 centuries as a textile fiber, long before cotton has been introduced into the Far East. Ramie fibers are naturally white and do not need bleaching. Ramie is a lot more absorbent than cotton and textiles containing ramie yarn are very much suitable for warm and humid weather. Ramie yarn is resistant to bacteria and mildew. It has natural stain resisting ability which makes the removal of stains and dirt from ramie easier than from cotton. On top of that ramie yarn is strong with lustrous silky appearance.

300 - 320 g/m²
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