Genesis Berry Beet
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Genesis Berry Beet

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80% fuchsia-pink and slate Egyptian cotton, 20% fuchsia linen, 305 gr/m3, triweave

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Triweave 300 - 320 g/m²

size 7 - 310€, size 6 - 290€, size 5 - 270€, size 4 - 250€, size 3 - 230€, scrap 1(205x80cm) - 123€, scrap 2(set of 2: 5/25x80, 15/30x65) - 20€

Bright, saturated fuchsia-pink with slate! The wrap is airy and light in hand, and gentle on the shoulders and body. It's not soft right from the bag but will break in relatively fast. A proper wash and steam iron will help you on the way. It's suitable for most ages and experience levels. The pattern has a small scale.

NB. The wraps from this batch might fall 10 cm shorter in the beginning. However once properly broken in, they will be mostly true to size.

300 - 320 g/m²
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