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Phases Husky

Weave: Raspberry, GSM: 300 - 320 g/m², 55% baby alpaca bouclé, 40% egyptian cotton, 5% polyamide, 300 gr/m2, raspberry weave
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size 7 - 390€, size 6 - 360€, size 5 - 330€ size 4 - 300€, size 3 - 270€, ring sling - 240€, scarf 230x30 cm - 105€
6 short* - 300€, size 6 short second grade, a moderately visible weaving imperfection in the middle of the grey side, along the whole length. 

Baby alpaca bouclé variegated in the shades of light grey combined with a dark grey background is a visual pleaser for the mono lovers. Baby alpaca bouclee feels like nothing you have felt so far. It's soft like the forest moss, and woven fabrics feels like a sea sponge in your hands. The wrap feels weightless, and wraps as a cozy, feather light blanket around your body. This wrap is a tactile heaven, the cloud of softness. Suitable from newborn to toddler.

Did you know that baby alpaca has the softness of cashmere, sparkle and hairiness of mohair, the gentleness of angora and the resistance of merino wool? It is seven times warmer than any other wool fiber as it has natural insulation and preserves your body warmth.

Our ring slings come with gathered shoulder; 210 cm long short rail and the color of the rings is optional
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Raspberry 300 - 320 g/m²
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Phases Glowing Gray

Weave: Raspberry, GSM: 280 - 300 g/m², 72% Egyptian cotton, 28% silk noils, 285 gr/m2, raspberry weave
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size 7 - 410€, size 6 - 380€, size 5 - 350€, size 4 long - 330€, size 4 - 320€, size 4 short - 310€, size 3 - 290€, ring sling (gathered shoulder, slate rings, 200 cm short rail) - 270€

Gray silk noils with white and charcoal confetti on slate gray. The wrap is soft right from the bag and will soften up even more after just one wash. Minimum breaking in needed. This is a versatile, easy to handle wrap for all ages. Raspberry weave has a slight bounce and is gentle on your body. Silk noils provides excellent grip and the wrap stays in place. This blend is suitable for a gentle machine wash on the following settings: wool/silk cycle at 30 degrees with maximum of 600 rotations.

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Raspberry 280 - 300 g/m²
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Waterflow Dark River

Weave: Raspberry,
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