• remove Size: size 2 - 2,7 meters
  • remove Size: ring sling, second grade
  • remove GSM: 340 - 360 g/m²
  • remove Weave: Blackberry
  • remove Weave: Triberry

Genesis Ibiza

Weave: Triberry, GSM: 340 - 360 g/m², 100% egyptian cotton, 340 gr/m2, triberry weave
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When summer waved good bye... Deep teal on a grad of bright and saturated gold, orange, magenta and purple. Triberry is a variation of our well known blackberry weave - blackberry with minor features of our poppy weave. As a result, the material woven in the triberry weave has a bit less volume and a bit more density than the blackberry weave. The wrap is strong and supportive, suitable for most ages but is especially great with heavy babies and older kids. Genesis Ibiza is a versatile, easy in care and use wrap, an every season all rounder in a cheerful color combo. 

*** ring sling short is 185 cm long on the short rail, and 205 cm long on the long rail, XL rings gold

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Triberry 340 - 360 g/m²
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Genesis Lake Escape

Weave: Blackberry, GSM: 340 - 360 g/m², 50% Egyptian cotton, 45% cotton bouclé, 5% polyamide, 340 gr/m2, blackberry weave
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size 8 - 320€, size 7 - 300€, size 6 - 280€, size 5 - 260€, size 4 - 240€, size 3 - 220€, size 2 - 200€, ring sling - 200€, scarf 230x30 cm - 85€

It is still summer in Europe, but some areas already feel the breath of autumn. It's not here yet, but we know the most colorful season is approaching. Deep red with shiny amber. Cotton bouclé yarn gives an outstanding texture to the pattern. The wrap is very floppy and will break in with a moderate effort. It does not feel too thick in hands despite the voluminous visual effect. This wrap will hold your wrap job in place for hours. It is suitable for a bit older babies and toddlers.

Wraps with the same type of cotton bouclé - Genesis Terrain, Genesis Lake Escape, Genesis Caribbean.

Ring slings are crafted with a gathered shoulder. We offer the XL rings for Genesis Maple and the color of the rings is optional depending on the stock.
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Blackberry 340 - 360 g/m²
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